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Purveyors of all things off-grid. A curation of the parts of life that most people overlook.

Launch: May 2019

Fake Friends

Social media truth serum – the quickest way to verify any Instagram influencer's credibility.

Launch: Mar 2019


A habit forming app. Wager real $$$ on your ability to complete goals you've set for yourself.

Launch: Mar 2019



The smartest way to grow your social media. Gain real followers and activity via automated solutions.

Launch: Mar 2019

Arts & Sciences

A lifestyle and accessories brand combining nature's beautiful imperfections with contempory design.

Launch: Feb 2019

12 Month Sprint

A digital archive documenting our attempt to launch twelve startups in twelve months.

Launch: Jan 2018


The multiple-choice of life. An anonymous voting platform for honest opinions about topics close to your heart.

Launch: May 2017



Have you ever wondered whether you have a doppleganer floating around the world somewhere? Well, this is the game for you. Simply upload a profile photo and let other users do the work of finding your look-a-likes for you. By voting on the accuracy of your matches, your friends help create a network of 'yous'.

Dec 2017


A mobile iOS app which asks its users a single thought-provoking question each day. The platform encourages transparency and conversation about today's most pressing issues. Opin provides infographics and analytic breakdowns about the demographics of its respondents, allowing users to see how people across the country feel about these issues.

Oct 2017


A social marketplace for discovering, sharing, and purchasing products from brands and boutiques.

Jan 2016